Strategos Invincible Refuge

Strategos (General) of the 9th Legion


Essence 5

  • Martial Arts 5
  • Melee 5 (Dire Lance +3)
  • War 5
  • Occult 5


  • Emerald Circle Sorcery
  • All War
  • All Melee
  • All Presence
  • All Athletic
  • All Dodge

Martial Arts:

  • Fire Dragon Style: All charms
  • Five Dragon Style: All charms


  • Demon of the First Circle
  • Emerald Circle Banishment
  • Emerald Circle
  • Eye of Alliance
  • Plague of Bronze Snakes
  • Raising the Earth’s Bones
  • River of Blood
  • Unconquerable Self
  • Unstoppable Fountain of the Depths
  • Water From Stone

One of the Realm’s “lost egg” Dragonbloods, Invincible Refuge graduated from ??? with one of the highest scores ever recorded. After fifty years of service in the military, he was allowed to perfect his skills at the occult and he then proceeded to graduate from the Heptagram as a full combat sorcerer.

Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to full legion command, in charge of the 66th Realm Legion, which was stationed in the Great Western Ocean. There he scored several impressive victories against Fair Folk and pirate forces, including turning back a combined Wyld Mutant and Lintha pirate force that intended on invading the Neck.

In battle, Invincible Refuge dons his Immaculate Dragon Armor (Virtue Smiling Protector)and wields a Dire Lance (Shatterer of Yozis). He was also gifted with a warstrider from the Emperess as a reward for his valiant service; he proudly strides into melee combat after casting a few spells in Defeat of the Enemy, his ??? warstrider.

Strategos Invincible Refuge

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