Second in Command of the Guild's mercenary forces in Magnimar

  • Str 3
  • Dex 3
  • Sta 3
  • Man 2
  • Cha 2
  • App 1
  • Int 4
  • Per 4
  • Wits 4
  • War 3
  • Melee 3
  • Archery 2
  • Presence 1
  • Integrity 4
  • Bureaucracy 5 (Military Units +3)
  • Craft 3 (Olive Farming +3)
  • Linguistics 2 (River Tongue, Forest Tongue, Fire Tongue) (Military Code +2)

Chabrias was once in service to Lookshy’s foreign legions, the famed Janissaries, where he attained the rank of chuzei. After 15 years of service, Chabrias decided to retire from the ranks of the 7th Legion and turned down the potential right to become a helot of Lookshy.

Originally from a small river-kingdom (where he fought for several years before joining with Lookshy) that has since become a mere footnote in the pages of history, Chabrias joined the Guild to earn his fortune as a mercenary. While he hasn’t seen the glories that he thought he would (much like he didn’t as a soldier of Lookshy), he has found a comfortable position in the forces of Magnimar.

As a leader of troops, he is terrible. However, his experience with different military units and their organizations have given him a unique insight into how they are run, maintained, and sustained in peace and war. As such, he acts as quartermaster and aide-de-camp to Hypaspist, the leader of the Guild mercenaries in Magnimar. He hopes to retire soon, as he approaches his 45th year. He’s been saving up to buy a small olive farm on the outskirts of Magnimar, or if his retirement bonus is high enough, he’ll emigrate to Chiaroscuro where he’ll open up a small olive shop. He is quite the fan of olives and eats them at every opportunity he gets.


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