General of the Paragon Legions


Essence 2 (Enlightened Mortal) Thaumaturge

  • War 5
  • Socialize 5
  • Presence 5
  • Integrity 4

Aged Stats (all were once two dots higher, but have been weakened due to age)

  • Strength 1
  • Dexterity 2
  • Stamina 3
  • Melee 3
  • Archery 1
  • Thrown 1
  • Martial Arts 1
  • Dodge 3

Argamos is almost 70 years old and beginning to feel the effects of such an advanced age on his body and mind. However, he has been the primary general of the legions of Paragon for more than 35 years and is still one of the greatest tactical minds in the South.

Argamos fears that his last years won’t be spent in peace. The Realm supports the Perfect’s trade war with Gem, a war that threatens to spill over. As such, he has been asked to draw up plans for a two or even three front war, something he believes that Paragon can’t win, especially given how the Realm is now sending less and less military support.

If allowed to do anything, Argamos would prefer to retire a quiet life of weaving in the hills just outside of Paragon, a hobby he has pursued loosely over the years. He is as skilled a diplomat as he is a warrior and has negotiated several peace treaties with the local desert tribes.

In combat, Argamos wields the deadly blue jade daiklave Hundred Hearts Eater and wears a green jade breastplate. Both are gifts from the Realm for his assistance in various campaigns. While he has lost individual battles, he has never lost a siege and always achieved the most important objectives of any campaign he is a part of.


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