Eleutherios, Priest to the Gods

Head Priest of the Magnimar High Temple


Essence 2

Compassion 3 Conviction 3 Temperance 4 Valor 2

Charisma 4 Perception 2 (auto fails any Perception or Awareness check based on sight)

Lore 2 Occult 3 Performance 3 (Religious Ceremonies +3) Martial Arts 2 Melee 2 Archery 1 War 3 Larceny 3


Eleutherios (ELL-EWE-theory-OOS) is the head cleric of the Astucious Pagoda of Beings Luminescent and Transcendent, which is known by the lay people as the Temple of Heaven and Earth.

Eleutherios was once a young man serving on a Guild escort ship, the Slippery Scoundrel, which regularly patrolled the waters between Chiaroscuro and Magnimar. Its primary duties were to escort Guild merchant vessels between the two states, driving off pirates that attacked them, and shaking down smugglers for bribes.

Like much of the crew, Eleutherios was a no-good ruffian for hire who happened to sail as well. He especially enjoyed the retaliation that the crew would visit upon various pirates and innocents alike. He became so good at it he was appointed the ship’s master of arms and commander of the brig, with a rank of Lieutenant Second Class in the Guild’s naval forces.

However, during a battle with the Lintha cruiser The Done For, the Slippery Scoundrel was sunk and almost all hands were lost. Eleutherios somehow managed to grab onto a piece of the mast that had collapsed off of the merchant ship that he had been escorting (which the pirates also sank) before drifting off into the waters of the Inland Sea. Amazingly enough, he wasn’t eaten by sharks, though many other survivors were. After days of being stranded at sea, Eleutherios had all but given up on life. He limply dangled on the mast, which he had strapped himself to so as to not fall off when he slept. He stared at the unforgiving sun in the sky, eventually losing his sight to its rays. Finally, he resigned himself to death, preparing to let go of the rope that held him fast against the waters.

As he began to undo the knot, he felt a gentle tugging at his feet. Realizing that he could feel the ground, he began to walk forward. After a few minutes, the surf dragged him onto a sandy beach. Amazed at his survival, Eleutherios dragged himself forward, finally collapsing on a sand dune a few feet from the tide waters. At that moment he felt a light touch on his shoulder. He felt a calmness and serenity that had been missing from all of his life. A voice spoke:

“I have seen a great destiny for you, son of misery and so I have spared your life. It was by my will alone that you have survived. I will protect you for all of your days if you simply live by my commandments. I am the Jewel of Prosperity, Celestial Minister of Peace and Harmony in the South, Goddess of Yu-Shan and Creation. Know me and know peace.”

Eleutherios accepted, serving the gods from that day forward, turning his life completely around. He now lives as an ascetic, preaching in the streets of Magnimar everyday, giving regular services to over 500 deities. He stands in stark contrast to the Immaculate Order, believing that strict obedience to what the gods want will bring about harmony in this world. He begins every service with a prayer to Jewel of Prosperity, his patron deity.

Eleutherios is unmarried and has fathered no children, nor does he plan to.

Eleutherios, Priest to the Gods

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