Commander of Guild mercenary forces in Magnimar

  • Str 3
  • Dex 5
  • Sta 3
  • Cha 4
  • Man 2
  • App 3
  • Per 2
  • Int 2
  • Wits 2
  • Melee 4 (Short Swords +3)
  • Thrown 4 (Javelins +1)
  • War 4 (Mercenaries +3)
  • Stealth 4 (Urban Areas +2)
  • Socialize 4
  • Lore 3
  • Dodge 4

Hypaspist (heh-PASS-pest) is young for the commander of so many mercenaries. At the age of 33, he has already surpassed what men retiring from war desire—large and more importantly, successful, command. As the leader of roughly 8000 mercenaries, he continually impresses his immediate as well as advanced superiors in the Guild. His clientele will also attest to his impressive record of defending caravans from barbarians, bandits, and desert raiders.

Originally from Great Forks, Hypaspist joined the elite Hephatian Dragoons at the age of 13, where he served as a bat boy for one of the elite officers until he was 16, at which point he became a bog standard infantry man. From there he slogged his way up to the command ranks, until he was dismissed for disobeying a superior’s inferior orders.

Leaving the Hephatian Dragoons behind him, he journeyed to Marita, where he served with the Concordant Guard and served as part of Seventh Lord’s staff for a while before coming to the attention of the Guild, who offered him a seasonal contract. After beating back a group of Wyld mutants, that contract was extended to five years and shortly after that, when he drove off the menace of the Red Spawn (a group of infernal Guilders), he was handed a permanent contract with the Guild, with great retirement benefits if he lives to 50.

Since then he has taken over mercenary operations in Magnimar, where he has served for the last 8 years. In that time he has become a respected member of the community, and is seen as a local hero (more so than Lord Gogorias is). While Hypaspist is technically seconded to Gogorias in terms of Magnimar’s defenses, he has free reign over any other military operations.


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