Godblooded noble


Arianade (air-EE-ah-nAHd-eh) is a young Godblooded of Air Elemental descent as well as the second daughter of Lord in Exile Dioranaxus and his second wife, the air elemental Chieatra (deceased, RY 752). She is the younger sister of Lady Melesine, who is her only sibling. While she loves her sister, she is both apprehensive and nervous about the power that Melesine wields.

Arianade is only 16 years old having been born in RY 774. Melesine is currently arranging her marriage, as per the accords of the Mercantile Oligarch Consanguinity. Arianade, however, isn’t sure of any of the suitors and especially not Podarces, who seems to be the favored one. While she is attracted to Nikokrates of House Ozymandias, she also thinks she has feelings for Thetis, Podarces sister. But she’s not sure if this is an okay thing or not. She’s currently researching a way to marry someone of the same gender and still have a legal marriage.

Arianade is currently studying thaumaturgy, and has a great love of the wilderness. She is an expert rider and is interested in the Pathfinders of the Guild, but always feels really awkward around Venture-Captain Shevala even if she’s not quite sure why. She is independent and strong willed like her older sister, but her inexperience with life frustrates her and her upcoming passage into full adulthood frightens her.


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