Child-noble of House Philocretes


Perception 0 for any sight based checks, otherwise 2. Awareness 2 (Distinguishing Sounds 1, Feeling Around 2)

Intelligence 3 Linguistics 1 Fire-Tongue (Spoken Only) Chelax [tribal tongue] (Spoken Only) Old Realm (Spoken and Written, but can only understand raised or sunken lettering)


Dasa (DAH-ssAH)is 11 years old, spry, energetic, and the daughter of Lady Dasein, leader of House Philocretes. The only thing holding her back in life is her eyes, which were lost in a tragic attack on her by an escaped slave when she was four. The slave was tortured to death over a period of 5 days, his spirit deliberately provoked into returning as a ghost, and then his angry ghost was slain by Immaculate monks who shattered his soul forever, as an example to all slaves.

Since then, Lady Dasein has attempted to restore her child’s eyesight by any means necessary, short of demon-summoning (though other sorcery has been tried to no effect). No medicine, Charm, or trick has worked yet.

For her part, Dasa is happy; her mother and father (the retired merchant prince Actaeon) have given her the love that she deserves and the attention that she needs. Of all the noble house heirs, Dasa is perhaps the most psychologically stable of them. She is doing well at her studies, and has mastered Old Realm, which she can read, so long as its craved. Her parents are working on developing a raised form of Fire Tongue so that Dasa can learn that as well.


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