Lady Androna

Leader of House Samar


Compassion 4 Conviction 3

Performance 4 (Stringed Instruments +1) Bureaucracy 3 (House Samar +2) Socialize 4 Archery 1 Craft 5 (Musical Instruments +3) Lore 3 (Music Theory +1)


Magnimar’s premier slaver, Lady Androna rules House Samar gently, but confidently. She took over the house when her parents and older siblings died of Grinning Fool Fever outside of Gem, during a Fair Folk attack, two years ago, but has been able to maintain the contracts of the House against the scheming of House Cynis and the Guild.

As she never expected to be head of the household and especially not in charge of its slaving division. As such, she spent most of her time perfecting her skill at the arts. In particular she proved amiable to music and excelled at both the study and the practice of it. In addition, she quickly learned how to build and maintain musical instruments.

Androna is a gentle soul, who has no love of slaving, but views it with a mix of necessary evil and distaste. She rationalizes selling dream-eaten slaves from Fair Folk masters to the Realm as a quick and merciful death (having visited the Realm, she knows that the slaves will be given the hardest menial tasks and die in less than a year). She sees a wicked and painful justice in condemning criminals to slavery, though she disagrees with how many simple crimes are punished with such a fate throughout the South. Androna also recognizes that the only reason why she and all of her extended family and close friends have been able to pursue the lives they have is because of the labor of the slaves they sell.

Still, she soldiers on and struggles to come to a truly just compromise that will keep her family in power, so that she may influence local politics, and so that less will suffer. It has been noted that House Samar’s contributions to the poor houses and orphanages of the city have been up by 400% from what they previously were (to thirty silver talents a year).

At 25 years old, Androna has yet to to be married, a rarity among the nobles of that age; most tend to have spouses as soon as possible thanks to the Oligarch-Mercantile Consanguinity treaty. A recent anonymous suitor has left her feeling somewhat nervous (their smuggling notes into her house somehow), but also somewhat excited: it’s the first that anyone’s shown genuine interest in her as a woman, and not as a means to an end.

Lady Androna

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