Lady Arisonas

Leader of House Zekariah


Leader of the smallest of the noble houses in Magnimar, Arisonas (air-EE-sown-AS) is ambitious without being greedy. She hopes to see an expansion of Magnimar-an increase in population would lead to her house receiving more contracts (through their allies in the carpentry guilds) and greater trade with Gem and the Kaer Sithu Duchies would lead to an increase of the raw materials that House Zekariah relies on (raw stones, lead, and wood, primarily).

Arisonas is married to an exiled noble of An-Teng, the Muda Hayato Shinsigami, who was exiled for poisoning another noble over an honor duel and having the audacity to be caught doing so. Many whisper that Muda Shinsigami is the leader of a group of thieves and assassins, but the distinct lack of either (at least amongst the rich and important of Magnimar—those worth killing and stealing from) puts the kibosh to those rumors. They have three children: Acacia (female, age 6), Adeipho (male, age 4), and Agatone (male, age 2).

Arisonas has been ruling her house since she was 20. Thirteen years have honed her into a shrewd politician who is able to marshal her house’s relatively meager resources to actively and effectively respond against anything that threatens its interests.

Lady Arisonas

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