Lady Criatis

Leader of House Bylon


Lady Criatis (CREE-ah-TEH-ess) embodies the spirit of her house in ways that few other nobles currently do. She is an artist and artisan extraordinaire. Her statuary and sculptures are widely prized throughout the region and are one of the few items that Belkezen actively seeks to willingly and happily purchase from its rival Magnimar.

Lately, Criatis has been spending more and more time near the shadowland known as the Coast of Sorrows since her husband, the Guilder Marn Kellers, died two years ago (the couple had no children). She’s been collecting the stone of the region for her latest works. A host of strange guests who only arrive at night, hooded against prying eyes, have been seen outside of Criatis’ palatial estate, the Silent Willow (local children have taken to calling it the Silent Widow). Her art has become increasingly darker and more foreboding recently. Some whispher that she has become a member of the growing ancestor cult.

Criatis denies such rumors, especially since the house has already been tainted by its previous leader’s dabblings with infernalism, a costly endeavor that severely weakened the house. Criatis has standing orders to execute any house member caught worshiping demons including the summoning of demons. Sorcery has been all but banned by its enlightened members as well, leading to several defections to other houses, a move which has weakened the house economically but led to a rise in its reputation. How much this helps the house has yet to be seen.

Lady Criatis

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