Lady Dasein

Leader of House Philocretes


Mother of the blind Dasa, Dasein (DA-sign) is a strong leader and an effective politician, as well as a noted thaumaturge.

Having spent her youth apprenticed to various Varangian astrologers, Dasein is one of Magnimar’s most learned citizens as well as its leading astrologer. Her own personal tragedy is that she could not predict the assault on her daughter that took her sight. Since that day, Dasein has spent every spare moment with trying to find a cure, so far, with no success.

Dasein’s latest project is to build a school devoted entirely to the thaumaturgical arts. She hopes to divert some of the funds that go to the Varangian city states and attract potential thaumaturges to Magnimar instead of its neighbors, especially Paragon and the Lap. While she has yet to gain much support for this endeavor, she hasn’t unveiled her entire plan yet either. The school would have a large cost associated with it, but would also have great rewards attached to them.

Lady Dasein

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