Lady Melisine

Leader of House Ptolemy


Melisine (MELL-eh-SEEN) of Ptolemy: beautiful, driven, and competent. Already a house leader at the young age of 25 she has prevented the scandals of her father’s indiscretions from giving her enemies any satisfaction. This is mostly due to the fact that she was able to convince him to go into exile, something that few ever expected to be possible let alone feasible. Yet into exile he went, and Melisine ascended to head of the house immediately afterward.

Since then, Melisine has been focusing her houses efforts on expanding their mining efforts. A recent contract from House Bylon has proven to be quite lucrative, though mining in a shadowland has certainly had its own unique dangers. Melisine has also been in negotiation with the lords of the Kaer Sithu Duchies for expanded mining rights on their borders, but they are currently holding out to see if a deal goes through between House Ptolemy and Gem first.

Melisine, like her father and sister, is a Godblood, descended from an air elemental of the Court of Regal Wisps. Her appearance makes the heritage impossible to miss, as does her physiology – her skin is always cool to the touch (as is her sister’s) as though she just came inside from a windy day. She has some minor control over the wind and commonly uses this to entertain her younger sister during formal events. She can also summon minor air spirits to aid her in small tasks, like preparing her dress or picking up small items, no heavier than a hefty book. She’s usually accompanied by a dozen or so of these spirits.

Melisine has yet to marry and despite being a highly sought after woman, she has ignored all suitors and requests. There is some debate as to whether or not she is grooming her younger sister to take her place as head of the house. While not illegal, such nepotism is in violation of the spirit of the Mercantile-Oligarch Consanguinity, which states that household heads should marry and have heirs (to marry off further still, increasing the potential bloodlines). Time remains to see if her heart is as cold as her Godblooded flesh.

Lady Melisine

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