Adamant Dragon King


Invincible Relief (Red Jade Super Plate and Tower Shield)

Will of the First (Black Jade Reaver Daiklave)


Adamant Dragon King was once a god of war for the race that his name derives from. After the defeat of the Primordials though he was invited to join the staff of Hu Dai Liang, then goddess of soldiers and second in command of the Division of Battles. After the Usurpation, he was promoted to legion god of the Shogunate 1st Legion. Due to some cowardice on the part of the legion’s commander during the Fair Folk invasion, Adamant Dragon King lost some face in Heaven, and was transferred to the newly formed Realm 3rd Legion.

Since then, he has served with great honor and was looking forward to an eventual promotion. Like his immediate supervisor in the ?, ?, he will break the laws of Heaven itself to support his legion. Some whisper he has already done so.

Adamant Dragon King

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