Vermillion Savage Fan

Goddess of the 16th Realm Legion

  • Orichalcum Artifact War Fans (Blood Drenched Hand Fans)
  • Yellow Jade Artifact Lamelar Armor (Jade Guardian)

Vermilion Savage Fan was only recently promoted to Goddess of the 16th Legion, due to Ahlat’s declaration that all war gods in the South should be females (preferably divinely Endowed former Brides of Ahlat). She was previously Goddess of the 16th Legion’s VII Dragon, and as such is very familiar to some of the soldiers in the legion.

The only fault that can be laid at Vermilion Savage Fan’s feet is that she is not well versed in assisting in legion size strategic and tactical planning. She is better suited at managing no more than five dragons at a time. There are some in the Bureau of Heaven’s Department of Warfare who are concerned that she won’t be able to handle the extra load involved in running an entire legion’s affairs. To date, though, Vermilion Savage Fan hasn’t fallen behind in her work, though her critics will point out that she hasn’t been tested yet.

The god that Vermilion Savage Fan replaced was Arrogant Tactical Error, who has since been moved to the Chamber of Military Blunders in the Department of Warfare to head up the Committee on Unforgivable Mistakes Made in the Heat of Combat. It is unknown whether he prefers this to his old job or not.

Vermillion Savage Fan

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