The Trifold Portentous Inamoratas

Goddesses of Luck, Gaming, and Gambling


Each of the Goddesses are Rank 3 deities.

Kasydhii can function as Sifu 3: she knows the following supernatural martial arts:

  • Orgiastic Fugitive Style
  • Falling Blossom Style
  • First Pulse Style
  • Red Handed Courtesan Style
  • Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style
  • Ebon Shadow Style
  • Snake Style

It is unknown whether these three female deities are the daughters of Vason and Splendid Dawn of the Fifth Day, or if they were mortal children that Vason had before his promotion to the divine, and were similarly endowed with divinity, perhaps by Vason himself. What is known is that they all have inherited some of their father’s incredible luck at winning games, but only with particular types. Each one is also extremely inept when it comes to one other type of gaming and cannot win that type of game, period. Thus, they keep which game they will lose at always their most guarded secret.

Kasydhii One-Eyed is the eldest and is Goddess of Those Who Guard Gambling Establishments, Brothels, and Dens of Vice from Thieves and Cheats. In essence, she has become the god of bouncers. She was once goddess of competitive martial arts, but switched domains in RY 606. Rumor has it a [[Sidereal]] of the Bronze Faction discovered her weakness and instead of auditing, forced her into a weaker position in the Terrestrial Bureaucracy. She currently runs a small martial arts dojo at [[Vason’s Luck Gambling Hall]], where she also heads security. It is also unknown how she lost her eye; she simply refuses to speak of it.

Xuxan is Goddess of Board Games, Game Pieces, and Chits. She is rarely seen without her Everful Purse, which contains a single chit from every gambling establishment in Creation, as well as quite a few from more exotic locations. She is currently the head of Vason’s Luck gaming department and can often be seen on the floor, exchanging coin for chits for the establishment’s VIP members.

Maar-ee’m is the Goddess of Card Games, and the youngest of the three sisters. She seems to have inherited her father’s naïve belief in the luck of the draw as well as his incredible talent with cards. She currently runs the gambling hall’s entertainment division and is constantly seeking new distractions for her guests, especially the VIP members.

The Trifold Portentous Inamoratas

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