Court of Heated Passions

The reigning fire elemental court of the coastline between Magnimar and Paragon (though they have no members in that city-state). Once a powerful fire court, it is still recovering from the geomantic damage and member losses incurred during the Great Contagion and Balorian Crusade.

The Heated Passions are a diffuse and diverse lot of fire elementals: currently there are five ifrit, 30 flame ducks, 15 ambosar and less than 100 other minor spirits of fire in the court. They are also closely allied with the Court of Orderly Flames, and answered Swan Dragon’s call to arms during the Balorian Crusade. There, they lost the majority of their members at the Battle of Teran-Woo Bridge. Over 400 members of their court perished that day, but the survivors bear their scars and history proudly, and will not brook any insult of their fallen brethren or of the Court of Orderly Flames.

Currently, the Court provides economic support for the Orderly Flames through selling its services as military trainers (the ifrits), courtesans (the flame ducks), and smiths (ambosar). They have a multi-generational contract with the city of Magnimar to train its troops in anti-Fair Folk tactics. However, despite these appearances, many of the fire elementals care little for the state or status of mortals, and avoid them at all costs. The Heated Passions especially dislike being summoned by sorcerers and will often chide the sorcerer for their lack of courage and strength.

The court is currently led by the philosopher-warrior-poet Pyre Prince Canetiskol. Other important members include the flame duck Tique-chan, the madam of the brothel attached to Vason’s Luck Gambling Hall, and Gore-ball Flame-spitter, chief smith and ambosar of the court.

Court of Heated Passions

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