Court of Indomitable Waves

Once a strong and thriving Terrestrial court of water elementals and their few godly allies, the Court of Indomitable Waves fell prey to a war band of air elementals, the Court of Regal Whisps shortly after the Great Contagion. It is believed that they were all wiped out to the elemental in the battle, which is considered amongst elementals and savants learned in the affair as one of the opening moves in the air elementals’ genocidal pogrom against the water elementals.

A force of over 1000 minor spirits of air, led by two dozen haruka slaughtered the smaller and weaker water elementals over the course of a single afternoon. The air elementals timed their attack to coincide so that they could strike the water elementals when their allies, the fire elemental Court of Heated Passions, would be occupied fighting the Fair Folk that had remained after the Balorian Crusade. As such, the overland route to the Court of Indomitable Waves’ territory was left critically unguarded, which allowed the air spirits to descend in unprecedented numbers in the region.

The political ramifications continue to be felt to this day. The fire elementals of the Court of Heated Passions are close allies with the pan-fire elemental spirit court, the Court of Orderly Flames. As such, they have convinced the Court of Orderly Flame to cool off its relationships with air elementals as a whole. This has led to increased tensions between the fire and air elementals of the South. For mortals on the Inland Sea coast, the lack of a water elemental court has led to the sources of fresh water becoming more unpredictable, and the storms of the coast line have been more fierce ever since the elementals were slaughtered.

In Magnimar, the Court of Regal Whisps has allied itself with House Ptolemy, more so than is normal for elemental-mortal interactions. The fire elementals of the city-state, for their part, have mostly stayed out of mortal business, except for a few ifrit military advisors in House Ozymandias and some flame duck courtesans at the brothel attached to Vason’s Luck Gambling Hall. The city-state of Belkezen believes its lack of fresh water to have been caused by other divine means, but if they learned the truth, the tensions between it and Magnimar would most certainly explode into full war.

The battle between the courts; painting commissioned by the air elementals in RY 735.

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Court of Indomitable Waves

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