Court of Regal Whisps

A Terrestrial Bureaucracy spirit court primarily composed of air elementals, based out of the city-state of Magnimar.

The Court is notable for its defeat (some would say slaughter) of the Court of Indomitable Waves, a water elemental court originally based along the shores of the Inland Sea between Magnimar and Belkezen. The air elementals waited until the water court’s fire elemental allies were off fighting Fair Folk, which left them in a weakened position militarily, and thus unable to retaliate against the Court of Regal Whisps.

Since then, the Regal Whisps have closely allied themselves with House Ptolemy, to the point where over 15% of the noble house’s members are Godblooded from mating with the air elementals.

Today, the court is led by three huraka: Cantankerous Lawfulness, Crazed Deliquent, and Gratuitous Male Gauntness. There are also six thunderbirds, 17 dust devils, and another 200 minor air spirits in the court.

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Court of Regal Whisps

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