The Exalted of the Five Elemental Dragons and Gaia, Dragonblooded (more formally known as the Terrestrial Exalted) are individually the weakest of the Exalted, but unlike the Celestial Exalted, their Exaltation is passed down the ages through their bloodlines.

The Dragonblooded are superb at working in groups and their charm set reflects this. Their Exaltation is also unique in that it is not from their progenitors, but like them. As they age and grow in power, the Dragonblooded become more and more like their elemental nature.

Dragonblooded Exalts control the world’s greatest nation-state, the Realm. They are also fundamental to several other nations, empires, kingdoms, etc around the world most notably the magitech-khakistocracy of Lookshy.

The five elemental Aspects of the Dragonblooded are:

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wood

For more information on the Dragonblooded, please see Manual of Exalted Power: the Dragonblooded.

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