Dune People

The Dune People are a feared tribe of desert nomads in the Far South. They are primarily known for their albino skin, primitive status, and cannibalistic practices. Many savants consider them a remenant holdover of the genetic control practiced by the Anathema of the First Age. Rumors abound that the Dune People are led and protected by an Anthema barbarian even today, but the Immaculate Order has yet to find conclusive evidence to support this.

Dune People rarely travel as far north as Magnimar, but have been known to do so in the past, both to trade their scrimshaw relics and to hunt the weak, the foolish, and the unlucky. Currently there are no Dune People in the territory controlled by Magnimar, but this does not mean that Magnimar is completely safe from their predation. Recent events have seen the Dune People stepping up their attacks on convoys from Gem, causing flucations in Magnimar’s economics, especially in its slave markets. The Realm has sent the 17th Realm Legion to help patrol the area (as Gem is nominally a Realm satrapy), but the Guild is also expected to divert more mercenaries to the region as well.

For more information on the Dune People, please see chapter 5 of The Compass of Celestial Directions Vol. II: The Wyld.

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Dune People

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