House Bylon

The only noble house of Magnimar to have polite relations with the otherwise antagonistic city-state of Belkezen. House Bylon is also noteworthy for its fall from grace when it was discovered 30 years ago that a branch of House Bylon fell to infernalism, worshipping a 2nd Circle Demon known as the Cardinal in Red and Darkness. As punishment, Bylon lost two seats and paid a fine of 10 silver talents in addition to having the offending members killed or sentenced to exile in the Coast of Sorrows.

Today, Bylon focuses most of its efforts on either public works and private commissions with visiting members of the Realm’s House Cynis, often in conjunction with House Tyre, and with private commissions from Belkezen. Recently, its art has taken a turn for the tragic. Officially, this is believed to be in response to the recent death of the house-head’s (the Lady Criatis) husband. The house has also expressed some interest in working on beautifying the Unfinished Bridge, again with House Tyre’sassistance.

The majority of Bylon’s serfs are either crude craftsmen, or involved in the production of raw materials for artwork (such as quarrying stone, mixing paint dyes, etc). As such, they all tend to be more skilled in crafts than most serfs, though this is all dedicated amateur level knowledge and has no theoretical understanding of art or craft behind it.

  • Seats: 5
  • Economic Power: Artisans and crafters.
  • Leader: Lady Critias.
  • Serfs: 40000
  • Other Notes: n/a

House Bylon

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