House Cynis

One of the eleven dynastic noble houses of the Realm of the Scarlet Empress. The house is well-known for its hedonistic pursuits and has become the Realm’s most notable socialites. The House is also the sole supplier of slaves in the Realm; only its scions hold the trade licenses necessary to engage in the sale of slaves on the Blessed Isle. However, it buys from all providers and as such uses Magnimar as a center of trade in human flesh. The House deliberately supports the Magnimarian market as a means of bringing down the price of slaves in the South, especially against the markets at Chiaroscuro and Kirighast. Cynis also uses Magnimar as a place where they can engage in secret trade and diplomacy with the Guild; thus, the House uses its influence to prevent the Realm from making it a satrapy.

House Cynis has two Dragonblooded members representing it in Magnimar. The first of the two, Cynis Chara, the Nimble Lily, is the main slave trader of the house in the city. She is known for her delicate graces and has negotiated several important trade treaties between House Cynis and the Guild. She also maintains an orchard of peaches and plums with which she sells to House V’Neef for its wineries. The second of the pair is Cynis Fese who pulls double duty not only as House Cynis’s main diplomatic envoy, but also as the Realm’s ambassador to Magnimar. She is a retired talonlord of the 43rd Realm Legion, and is fond of wearing her jade armor wherever she goes. She is a stern woman who shrewdly puts up a demeanor of harsh, uncompromising military discipline, but secretly delights in finding solutions that benefit all parties as equally as possible. She enjoys a tough, but fair fight more so than an out and out slaughter. She grows annoyed of late as the Realm seems to turning its interests in the south to further conquest.

One other important member of House Cynis is in the region as well. Strategos Cynis Tiana is strategos (general) of the illustrious 3rd Realm Legion, which is based out of Belkezen, a rival city-state of Magnimar’s. The legion is usually on the march, however, as Strategos Cynis Tiana finds Belkezen fairly well protected by its own small army. The 3rd keeps the main trade routes between Belkezen, the Lap, [[Dan-Far-Noh]], and Magnimar safe, with the help of the 9th Realm Legion (stationed in the Lap) and the 16th Realm Legion (stationed in Paragon). She is angered by Saloy Hin and the 17th Realm Legion’s desertion, and is worried about Tepet Ejava, the Roseblack’s, deployment to the area as well, seeing her as a rival to glory and fame.

In Magnimar House Cynis is allied with House Samar, who have a tight control of the slave markets. House Cynis has married minor non-Exalted members to Samar before in the past, but currently is seeking to marry a Dragonblooded member to Venture-Captain Shevala, as this rising star of the Guild would prove a valuable prize for Cynis in these trying times.

House Cynis

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