House Gaugamela

The most powerful of all the noble houses in Magnimar, House Gaugamela has achieved its position through powerful alliances and a tight control on the shipping lanes and overland routes leading to the city.

When many think of the ways to strike it rich quick, shipping rarely ranks among the top choices. The ancestors of House Gaugamela realized this, but were more than happy to invest in a much slower paced and stable economic venture. Beginning with control of postal services, they expanded into coaches, caravans, and naval power. It wasn’t until the House joined with the Guild and began an impressive campaign of marrying with the other Houses of Magnimar that their fortunes went from well off to obscenely rich. For example, House Samar controls the slave markets, but Gaugamela controls the caravans that bring them to the city. Ozymandias may staff the ships of the navy, but the only reason that a navy is necessary is because of the trading fleets of Gaugamela.

Gaugamela’s current leader, Lord Lathyrus, has continued the House’s strong ties to the Guild. He has not, however, married any of his scions to the Guild, an odd move given the fact his own spouse was once a leading craftswoman in the regional Guild structure.

  • Seats: 11
  • Economic Power: Shipping, both on sea and land.
  • Leader: Lord Lathyrus
  • Serfs: 190000
  • Other Notes: Most powerful house. Has intermarried with every other house except House Susa.

House Gaugamela

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