House Nestor

After House Susa, House Nestor is the second largest provider of foodstuffs for the city. However, unlike Susa, Nestor harvests the sea and not the land. Their fishing fleets and kelp harvesters keep a significant part of the populace fed. They are the largest providers of meat in the city, and the kelp that Nestor gathers from the Inland Sea provides a ubiquitous foodstuff that finds use in a variety of dishes and medicinal remedies.

Nestor preserves much of its excess catch for exportation, which it does through House Gaugamela. Most of this product is shipped to Guild fleets and the Realm’s navy to keep them stocked longer at sea. The rest goes to Paragon and Chiaroscuro. A surprising amount of discarded byproducts from the fish (guts, heads, tainted meat) is preserved and sent to Lap for use in fertilization (local soils are ill suited to such fertilization techniques).

House Nestor’s leader, Lady-Lord Aleksiah, is a relative unknown in the city-state due to his/her’s secrecy. Even the gender of Lady-Lord Aleksiah is not known outside of a rare few souls in the city. Many rumors abound as to his/her true identity: theories bounce from a demon, an exiled god from Yu Shan, a twisted Anathema, and more. To add to the confusion, Aleksiah is married to both a man (her husband, the son of one of the dukes of Kaer Sirathu) and a woman (his wife, a retired Guild accountant).

  • Seats: 7
  • Economic Power: Fishing and kelp harvesting.
  • Leader: Lady-Lord Aleksiah.
  • Serfs: 150000
  • Other Notes: n/a.

House Nestor

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