House Philocretes

House Philocretes is the most learned and educated of all the noble houses in Magnimar. It is also one of the oldest and has a long running feud with Houses Ozymandias and Samar, due to the conflict for the throne after the fall of the Xing Xing Dynasty.

Since then, Philocretes has turned its attention to controlling the flow of information in the city. Philocretes has controlling shares in all the academies, libraries, and thaumaturges of the city. The House regularly pays the exorbitant fees necessary to send its scions to institutions of higher learning in Chiaroscuro, Paragon, and the [[Varangian City-States | Varangian Confederation]].

The current head of the house, Lady Dasein, is currently interested in developing aids to assist the blind and deaf. This is driven solely by her daughter’s condition.

  • Council Seats: 6
  • Economic Power: Savants, scholars, and academia.
  • Leader: Lady Dasein.
  • Serfs: 40000
  • Other notes: n/a.

House Philocretes

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