House Samar

The premier slavers and auctioneers of the region, House Samar runs the fifth largest slave market in the South (after Harborhead, Chiaroscuro, Gem, and Chelax). As the slave trade is the primary source of tax revenue for the government of Magnimar, and is thus the most important part of the local economy.

House Samar once maintained strong ties with the enigmatic Counters, but after the creation of the Mercantile Oligarch Consanguinity, that relationship has cooled. While Samar has not severed ties with the Counters completely, they have turned their attentions to House Cynis of the Realm, with whom they hope to interbreed with some day. Terrestrial Exaltations would seriously boost Samar’s already prestigious position in the council, potentially leading them to having a majority of the seats among the noble houses.

Recently, under the direction of House leader Lady Androna, House Samar has been heavily investing in a series of civic good will gestures, funding schools, orphanages, and road repairs throughout the city-state. As to why, rumors are many, but true answers are yet forthcoming.

  • Council Seats: 8
  • Economic Power: Slave trade with the Realm.
  • Leader: Lady Androna.
  • Serfs: 30000
  • Other Notes: Allied with House Cynis of the Realm.

House Samar

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