House Susa

One of two houses in Magnimar to have regular Terrestrial Exaltations within its bloodlines, House Susa is also the main source of non-aquatic foodstuffs in the region and is the largest provider of grains, dairy products, and non-aquatic meat in the city.

While Susa makes the majority of its profits from farming rice and wheat, a good sum comes from its fruit production. Much of the fruit is used regionally as treats and desserts, and the rest is turned into wines. Its wines have even been purchased for use in the Realm by House V’Neef, who has aggressively tried to recruit the Dragonblooded members of Susa into its ranks. Currently, Susa has no intention into entering into long term pacts with any of the Dynastic Great Houses of the Realm. It has, however, begun negotiations with one of the Realm’s greatest satrapies: Chiaroscuro, and is marrying off one of its two leaders, Lord Kaija, to a minor relative of the Tri-Khan. While the relative brings very little to the family (beyond her supposed skills at singing and playing the koto), this is certainly a diplomatic coup for the family and will most likely lead to Kaija’s ascension as sole househead.

Susa is also unique for the fact that it has two heads of house, the twin brothers Kaija and Datus. This is only the second time in Magnimar’s history that a house has been ruled by two heads, and the first to be ruled by siblings and not a married couple. (The first was a married couple of Ozymandias from RY 599 to 615.) For the moment, things appear to be proceeding harmoniously, and as no one wants their food production messed with, given the fragile agri-biosphere in the area, all hopes are that such conditions continue.

  • Council Seats: 9
  • Economic Power: Agriculture (rice and fruit farming, and goat herding).
  • Leader: Lords Kaija and Datus (twins).
  • Serfs: 120000
  • Other Notes: Lord Kaija is a Dragonblood of the Wood Aspect. This strain occurs in about 2 percent of members of this noble house.

House Susa

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