House Tyre

One of the less powerful houses of the nobility of Magnimar, House Tyre is still not to be trifled with. As the preeminent stone masons, architects, and geomancers of the city, nothing is built without the approval of a qualified (or bribable) member of House Tyre.

Tyre has existed since RY499, when it was founded by a break away faction of guilder and Philocrete nobles. Since then it has specialized in the working of stone in all of its forms, whether as the cheap apartment blocks that sprawl across the city; the walls that guard the city; and the statuary that adorns its walls. The scions of Tyre have always had an overt hand in the masonry guilds and through its contacts with House Gaugamela they have always maintained a steady flow of quarried stone. Because of the delicate work they do, many of House Tyre’s serfs are educated beyond that of many other houses (excepting the scribes of Philocretes).

Lord Sebaste, the head of the house, is an accomplished geomancer who has directed his house’s fortune to researching and potentially repairing the local Dragon Lines that were damaged in the invasion of the Wyld and the Great Contagion. He is particulary focused on discovering any unknown manses in the region.

  • Seats: 5
  • Economic Power: Masonry and construction.
  • Leader: Lord Sebaste.
  • Serfs: 60000
  • Other Notes: n/a.

House Tyre

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