House Zekariah

House Zekariah is the smallest and youngest of the noble houses of Magnimar. The House formed in RY 688, primarily from Kankou merchant-princes. It has since become very wealthy, through its gemcutting enterprises with the city-state of Gem. However, little of that wealth is spent on political capital, and the house is perhaps the most apathetic when it comes to local and regional politics.

(While the House is the one most associated with the Kankou ethnicity, it has intermarried with all the ethnic groups.)

The house is currently engaged in intense trade negotiations with the Kaer Sirathu Duchies and Gem to gain access to further natural resources that it can’t access around Magnimar. Lady Arisonas, leader of the house, is in charge of the negotiations. She is planning a trip to Gem in the near future to lead one of House Zekariah’s rare diplomatic good will trips.

  • Council Seats: 5
  • Economic Power: Carpentry, plumbing, and gemcutting.
  • Leader: Lady Arisonas.
  • Serfs: 30000
  • Other Notes: n/a

House Zekariah

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