Knights Pericles

The Knights Pericles were a talon of Eclipsed Bounty’s and Harvested Radiance’s greatest Terrestrial Exalted warriors, aides, and ninja. They were originally composed of only Air Aspected Dragonbloods, but as the years wore on, different elemental aspects were added.

The Knights Pericles functioned as spies, bodyguards, and aide-de-camps for the two senior Celestial Exalted. They fought alongside their masters several times and garnered a reputation for swift, brutal, precision strikes against weak points on the enemy lines. They were fundamental key to the success of their masters at several battles against the Lintha and Fair Folk and were well rewarded for their bravery.

The Knights Pericles were all killed during the Usurpation by the Solar Exalt Allenda Xinghua the Morning Sparrow. They were buried with full honors by the 97th Deliberative Legion on the grounds of the estate. Their tombs have never been found by later groups.

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Knights Pericles

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