The Lunar Exalted are the chosen of Luna, the hermaphroditic Incarna of the moon and change. Like their enigmatic patron, the Lunar Exalted are masters of shape-shifting and have been using that ability to great effect throughout their existence.

After the Usurpation, the Lunars fled to the edges of Creation and dwelled in that dangerous border realm between Creation and the Wyld. While there, the corrupting effect of that otherworldly place infected even the mighty Lunars, and almost destroyed them completely. They managed to save themselves, but only at the cost of reducing three of their castes into one. After that, the various Lunar factions agreed to rework the world so that no one nation ruled the others and that civilization would never be plunged into another dark age like that following the Great Contagion and the Usurpation. Today, the Lunars are reacting to the return of the Solar Exalted and anticipating with equal parts dread and excitement to the fall of the Realm.

Lunars have a unique ability to shape shift into creatures that they hunt and kill in a mystical ritual. No other Exalt type may learn this ability. They once had five castes like the Solars, but now have only three and those who have not fixed their castes. They are as follows:

Current Castes:
  • Full Moon
  • Changing Moon
  • No Moon
Lost Castes:
  • Waxing Moon
  • Half Moon
  • Waning Moon
  • Casteless and Chimerae

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