The Realm, or more properly, the Dynastic Realm of the Scarlet Empire, is Creation’s largest and most powerful nation. Geographically it encompasses the whole of the Blessed Isle, and socio-economically (as well as culturally and militarily) it controls much of the Threshold and the islands of the West.

For centuries, the Realm was ruled by the Scarlet Empress and her Dragonblooded scions in the 11 Dynastic Great Houses. Five years ago, however, she disappeared without a trace and without a plan of governance left behind. As such, the mighty of the Realm have begun power plays towards the Scarlet Throne, hoping to rule as the Empress once did. Even though it totters on the brink of civil war, the Realm is still the mightiest nation on the face of Creation and woe betide the fool who marches against it.

For more information on the Realm, please see the Manual of Exalted Power: Dragonblooded and The Compass of Celestial Directions Vol. I: The Realm.

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