One of the two beastman tribes living in Magnimar, the Rhoxe are the more accepted of the two. Strict vegetarians and devoted agriculturalists, the Rhoxe are not to be taken lightly: a proud people, the Rhoxe are long used to persecution and conflict. They have long traded their surplus crops for raw metals, from which they have constructed thick armor and deadly halberds. While their territory is small, the Rhoxe defend one of the strongest towns in the area controlled by Magnimar.

No one is quite sure when the Rhoxe first came into being, but records from the late First Age speak of rhino-men operating in the area that the Rhoxe would later settle. Shortly after the rise of Magnimar, the Rhoxe settled in one of the most arable regions nearby, founding the town of Silett. Sturdy, well ordered, and defended by a thick stone and mortar wall, the town soon flourished once the first crops of tubers, grains, and root vegetables were collected. Apparently, thaumaturges discovered, the town rested on a dragon line of Wood and Earth essence, ensuring stable soil and crops so long as geomantic rituals were observed. These same lines run all the way to Lap.

As a people, the Rhoxe are exceptionally tall when standing fully upright, but as they tend to slouch both from their hard work in the field and given it’s a more comfortable position for them, they tend to seem only very tall. They are slow and not very agile, but their lack in speed is offset their tough, thick skins and hardy constitutions. Most Rhoxe are gray colored, which darkens as they get older. A few are white or black though and many superstitions surround these Rhoxe. Their eyes are small and black, and while their vision is not hampered during the day, they do suffer some night blindness. Their sense of scent and hearing are slightly better than the average human, but not as sharp as other beastmen’s. Males have two horns on their snouts, with females having only one. Other than that, there are no perceptible physical differences between the sexes, who are legally equal to one another. Rhoxe typically dress in loose kilts and robes, with hemp sashes and metal plates covering the rest of their body.

If Rhoxe have any faults, they are vain, wearing jewelry, especially chains and bands of precious metal, whenever they can. There is also a small, but noticeable minority who are addicted to drugs like marijuana and opium (they are able to organically derive the euphoric effects from naturally grown drugs in their digestive tract). Poppies are not native to the region, so the Guild makes a tidy profit in shipping raw seeds to the Rhoxe from their station in Chiaroscuro.

Almost all Rhoxe are farmers, working small plots of a single crop each. They can work long hours and are often out as soon as the sun is up, with only a single break during the day for a meal. While very successful at farmers, they cannot supply the whole city-state with food, who must important the majority of it from Lap. Those who aren’t actively farming are the town militia guard and the merchants that negotiate with the Guild. The militia only guard the town and the outlying farmlands, and will not leave this territory for any reason. They are not formally a part of the Magnimar military due to the treaty of tolerance signed between the tribe and the city-state. Twice have the two groups come to violent conflict, but after the second time, the city-state ceded the right of territory to the beastmen.

Rhoxe have few legal rights in Magnimar, but cannot be harmed or enslaved. Such an act would consist one of war, and Magnimar does not wish to fight 5000 super-heavy elite infantry in its own backyard. In return, the Rhoxe do not charge Magnimar tariff or tax on any caravan that passes through its territory. Likewise, it leaves the citizens of Magnimar alone for the most part, except for returning runaway slaves and serfs. The Rhoxian government is a democracy, with any adult Rhoxe allowed to plead a position at monthly meetings. All major changes to the Rhoxian legal code are put to a popular vote and any changes to the Compact of Citizenry, the major defining legal code of the Rhoxe, must be made during Calibration.

There are currently 13000 Rhoxe in Magnimar’s territory.

First Rhoxe Virgil Lencantius, being awarded by Guild factors for saving a caravan from desert bandits. Note his high quality armor and weapon, a halberd. Such goods are common among Rhoxe warriors.

Two male Rhoxe. The first is a merchant while the second is a farmer.

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