Seven Tigers

A group of warlords that arose to prominence for a short time in the South and East after the defeat of the Fair Folk by the Empress. For a short time they controlled a growing empire based out of Chiaroscuro, but their greed was their undoing. After challenging the Empress’s divine right to rule, she turned the Sword of Creation against them. The weapon destroyed them all, as well as most of Chiaroscuro, and their armies and fleets.

The surviving records of that era name the seven warlords as follows (their birth names have been lost to antiquity):

  • Wyld Sundering Queen
  • Axe of the Waves
  • Master of the Glorious Star
  • Radiant Princess of the Dusk
  • Alabaster Gate of Anger
  • Daughter of the Masked Blood
  • Ferocious Sapphire Fist Master

Some of the surviving soldiers would later go on to found the modern city-state of Magnimar.

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Seven Tigers

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