The Exalted of the Five Celestial Maidens (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). They are the Exalted of Fate and Destiny, the tenders of the Loom of Fate, the civic servants of the Bureau of Destiny, and the sifus of the most deadly forms of the supernatural martial arts in existence, the aptly named Sidereal Martial Arts.

There are 100 Sidereals in existence at any given time. Each of the Maidens claims 20 as their servants. Sidereals specialize in fixing snafus in the destiny of the world, and can create unique identities in the Loom of Fate that act as near-perfect disguises in Creation.

The Sidereals are divided in different political factions. The Bronze Faction engineered the Usurpation that overthrew the Solar Exalted. The Gold Faction rejected the actions of the Bronze Faction, and now helps Solar Exalted in the world. The Silver faction supports the Lunar Exalted, especially in finding new Lunar Exalts. There are also Independents and Ronin Sidereals; Independents reject the politics of the other factions, focusing their efforts on their work to Heaven alone. Ronin Sidereals reject Heaven altogether, and abandon their posts in the Bureau of Destiny. There are also the rumored Iron Faction and Brass Faction factions, Sidereals who become corrupted and serve the Neverborn and Yozis, respectively.

The five castes of Sidereals are:
  • Chosen of Journeys (Mercury)
  • Chosen of Serenity (Venus)
  • Chosen of Battles (Mars)
  • Chosen of Secrets (Jupiter)
  • Chosen of Endings (Saturn)

Each caste is associated with a particular grouping of constellations and Abilities. Please see Manual of Exalted Power: the Sidereals for more information.

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