The Lapis Court

One of the five major courts of the enigmatic and fearful raksha, the Lapis Court is the “native” Fair Folk court of the South. It has been led for some time by Neshi of the Two Whips and is devoted to the virtue of Compassion.

The Lapis Court is known for its support of the Church of Balor and resents the intrusion of the Ruby Court into the South. As a fairly established court, the Lapis have come to enjoy regular trade relations with the Guild, with whom they trade gossamer artifacts for slaves and news on the Exalted, with whom the court has a never ending fascination with.

For more information on the Lapis Court, please see chapter five of The Compass of Celestial Directions Vol. II: The Wyld.

This cataphractoi of the Lapis Court wields duel scimitars, a popular weapon choice among the court. It is currently fighting goblins of a minor raksha household, most likely in an honor duel.

A typical goblin of the Lapis Court.

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The Lapis Court

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