The Ruby Court

One of the five major courts of the dreaded Fair Folk, the Ruby Court devotes itself to the virtue of Conviction. They are led by Duke Aral and his chief lieutenant Shizuki the Weaver. They have only recently come to the South, having originally been in the North. No one can quite say what has motivated them to make the long and perilous journey from the cold snows of the North to the blazing sands of the South, but that cannot be blamed on trying: the Court simply doesn’t tolerate non-raksha influence for any length of time necessary to ferret out such truths.

Currently the Ruby Court has made no overt moves against any of the region’s powers, and does not involve itself in the affairs of others, including other Fair Folk (such as the Lapis Court).

For more information, please see chapter five of The Compass of Celestial Directions Vol. II: The Wyld.

One of the 1000 cataphractoi who serve Duke Aral in the Ruby Court.

These hobgoblins are vicious warriors and most likely have survived many campaigns, unusual for goblins of any sort.

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The Ruby Court

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