Vsalupi Centaurians

One of the two beastman tribes living in Magnimar, the Vsalupi Centaurians are considered dangerous and mistrusted by the city. Little love is lost between them, though, so the feeling is fairly mutual.

The Centaurians are refugees from the fringes of Creation, where the limitless insanity of the Wyld bleeds through and mutates the structured nature of reality. They first arrived in the region in RY 320, and soon after began fighting with the other forces in the region who feared their appearance, believing them to be agents of the Fair Folk. The Centaurians warred with Belkezen, the Kaer Sirathu Duchies, and even Paragon and the Realm outside of Lap. Barely managing to escape enslavement and extinction, they finally settled in Magnimar, where they worked out an agreement between themselves and the leaders of the city-state. They had clemency so long as they left all other groups within the borders unmolested and acted as roving border agents, ensuring the stability of the territory and to act against smugglers and tax evaders.

While the arrangement worked well for quite some time, the Centaurians were one of many casualties during the conflict between House Ozymandias and House Philocretes, as they sided with the less militaristic [[Philocretes. Several thousand were slaughtered before the conflict came to an end and more were left disposed and stripped of their rights.

Today, the Centaurians wander Magnimar, homeless and unloved. Many have resorted to short term contracts of indenture, helping herders and farmers. Others have turned to crime and are the area’s preeminent smugglers. A few have contracts with slave catchers, but some are part of a growing abolitionist movement in the region.

The Centaurians to operate in small clans of about 300 souls each. Most clans are composed of family units of one adult male, a few adolescent males, a dozen adult females, and up to two dozen adolescent females, plus any children. Many outside observers thus think that the Centaurians are patriarchal because of this structure, but in reality, a single mare rises above the rest and ultimately has control over the family unit. This extends to the larger clan and tribe units as well. The current nominal matriarch of all the clans is Maleda Yawo, whose own family unit ranks at one of the largest, with 15 adult males, 35 adolescent males, and 40 adult females.

Both males and females are expected to fight in the case of conflict, or of being preyed on. Because of their unique physiology, several predator animals hunt Centaurians much as they would hunt other herd animals. Armor and weapons are prized amongst the Centaurians and much of their wealth goes toward collecting and gathering such items. If called upon, the Centaurians could field a force of 2000 medium cavalry, along with an additional 500 light cavalry. There are currently 5000 total Centaurians scattered across Magnimar.

Centaurians appear as humanoid horses, possessing the upper body of a human where the neck and head of a horse should be. They appear in all the various colors and patterns of horses, though their human flesh is usually in the color of their hair. They also range in height and weight between small ponies and extra large draft horses, though most tend to be 16-18 hands high at the shoulder. Most do not wear a lot of clothing, usually just a vest or shirt over the human torso. Some of the more wealthy will decorate themselves with blankets and leather gear, and the Centaurians have a whole range of saddles developed specifically designed to carry their goods. Centaurians absolutely refuse to be ridden by other humanoids, and forcing one to do so greatly shames the Centaurians. Many would rather die than be ridden: it is considered their greatest punishment to inflict on another. They also dislike being harnessed and holstered for farm work, but understand that it is necessary for some jobs. Centaurians are omnivorous, but prefer a diet of mostly grasses, grains, and root vegetables. They have been known to hunt rabbits, antelope, and other animals, however.

These Centaurians are fighting off a wandering group of Wyld mutants. Many Centaurians eschew the use of shields.

Three Centaurian adults. Many Centaurians are experts at archery, as it better suits their swift nature. However, they are also adept at fighting in melee as well. Sorcery and thaumaturgy are rare but not entirely unheard of among the Centaurians, as demonstrated here.

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Vsalupi Centaurians

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